Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bradley Arant Reportedly Scammed Out of More Than $400K

Bradley Arant Boult Cummings fell victim to a sophisticated debt collection scam, to the tune of more than $400,000. But its quick reporting of the crime has led to the arrest of suspects.

The Nashville Post (sub. req.) reported yesterday that the law firm wired more than $400,000 to the foreign bank account of a scammer posing as a client. Lawyers at the firm believed the funds were covered by a check it had deposited—a check that turned out to be phony.

The law firm says it quickly reported the scam to the FBI, leading to the arrest of suspects and the freezing of the funds. "It was an elaborate criminal plan on many levels," Bradley Arant managing partner John Grenier said in a statement released to the ABA Journal. The firm quickly reported the crime, leading to "the apprehension of the suspects in this scheme and the freezing of the funds."

The Tennessee Bar Association sent a blast e-mail Wednesday warning about the scam.

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