Thursday, August 21, 2014

Scam alert: fake law firm websites using real lawyer photos, some altering contact info for actual firm’s page

"A smiling man in a business suit pictured on the Dovernor Chambers website in a wood-paneled office looks like a seasoned legal practitioner, and is.
However, he actually is a U.S. lawyer practicing in Kansas. The Dovernor Chambers firm—which purports to operate in the United Kingdom—is fake, and its website contains photos lifted from other law firm websites to create a convincing online presence to scam would-be legal clients, the Mirror reports.
Such schemes are common and increasing. The Solicitors Regulation Authority says it is identifying new fake law firm on an almost daily basis. Some scammers reportedly are stealing a law firm's entire Web page, then changing the contact information to redirect traffic elsewhere. . . warning potential clients to check carefully that a purported law firm advertising on the Internet is legitimate before engaging the legal shop to handle any matter."  More.

Originally posted on ABA Journal Law News Aug 20, 2014 by Martha Neil

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