Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Prominent Delaware law firm says it knew nothing of claimed sunken treasure fraud in Florida, and wasn't counsel of record anyway so the court has no jurisdiction

Responding to the court’s show-cause order, s partner, Bruce Silverstein, at a well-known Delaware law firm, Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, says he and Young Conaway acted in good faith while representing Jay Miscovich and his Delaware company, JTR Enterprises, in matters linked to the emeralds the novice diver said he had found undersea some 40 miles from Key West, and knew nothing about an alleged fraud on a federal court in Florida concerning a client’s claimed sunken undersea treasure find.
"The filing cites the lawyer’s unblemished 27-year practice in Delaware and says Silverstein is 'deeply offended' by suggestions that he deep-sixed test results that showed the jewels were modern. . . .The party, salvage company Motivation Inc., initially was concerned that Miscovich might be claiming rights in sunken treasure that belonged to Motivation. Now the company is seeking attorney fees and costs, contending that Silverstein and his firm unnecessarily prolonged the admiralty litigation." More.

Posted originally in ABA Journal News, Sept. 2, 2o14, by Martha Neil.

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