Saturday, February 7, 2015

Assistant public defender representing indigent while being questioned by police is handcuffed in court hallway, and files complaint against police officers

" A veteran assistant San Francisco public defender has filed a citizen complaint against the six city police officers involved in her arrest last month in a courthouse hallway.
Although the criminal case was dropped and the police chief apologized, Jami Tillotson said she wasn’t completely satisfied with this resolution, reports the Huffington Post.
“While I appreciate Chief [Greg] Suhr’s apology, I am concerned that he continues to support Sgt. Brian Stansbury’s actions,” said Tillotson in a Thursday written statement, referring to the officer primarily involved in her arrest. “My client, a young African American man, was left without the benefit of advice of counsel. The right to counsel is not a formality. It is a shield that protects ordinary people against intimidation, bullying, and overreach by law enforcement.” "  More.

Originally posted by Martha Neil in ABA Journal News.  Feb. 6, 2015
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