Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Contempt case unusual because judge bypassed Florida Bar, attorney says

A case like that of a Palm Beach County assistant public defender battling professional misconduct allegations is exceptionally rare but it’s not unheard of in more conventional channels, a Miami attorney said during a recent interview.

"The Ramsey matter seems odd at first blush," Dorothy Easley of the law firm Easley Appellate Practice in Miami said in an email interview with the Florida Record. "It is not unprecedented. And there are cases where appellate courts will also refer attorneys to the Florida Bar for litigation misconduct or lack of candor observed during an appeal. Attorneys are aware that any misconduct on their part may be referred to the Florida Bar to answer for. Attorneys also understand that contempt is one of the court mechanisms to compel respect for court orders and the judicial system." More.

Originally Posted in  FLORIDA RECORD, written by Karen Kidd, May 2, 2016
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