Monday, February 22, 2021

Dissolution of marriage, personal injury, Bosc pears with herbed goat cheese, creamy angel hair pasta with shrimp and rosemary

 Appeals -- Certiorari -- Discovery orders -- Mortgage foreclosure -- Circuit court order allowing defendant to videotape deposition of substituted plaintiff's corporate representative but prohibiting petitioner from disseminating the video -- Petition dismissed for failure to demonstrate irreparable harm that cannot be remedied on direct appeal -- With respect to argument that lower court's order unconstitutionally gagged petitioner's speech, it is settled law that there is no First Amendment right of access to pretrial discovery materials. MARTHA L. VALENCIA, Petitioner, v. PENNYMAC HOLDINGS, LLC, et al., Respondents. 3rd District.

Appeals -- Order denying motion for reconsideration and rehearing of non-final order compelling arbitration is not an appealable order and does not toll rendition of an appealable order -- Appeal dismissed. MONICA SAMARA, Appellant, v. TENET FLORIDA PHYSICIAN SERVICES, LLC, etc., et al., Appellees. 3rd District.

Consumer law -- Warranties -- Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act -- Federal Trade Commission's “single document rule,” which requires that a warrantor disclose certain warranty-related items of information clearly and conspicuously in a single document, does not require disclosure of a binding arbitration agreement. LES KROL, Petitioner, v. FCA US, LLC, et al., Respondents. Supreme Court of Florida.

Dissolution of marriage -- Attorney's fees -- Appeals -- Non-final orders -- Portion of judgment determining entitlement to attorney's fees without determining amount is non-final and non-appealable. FLOYD MARLAND TYSON, Appellant/Cross-Appellee, v. TONYA P. TYSON, Appellee/Cross-Appellant. 1st District.

Dissolution of marriage -- Attorney's fees -- Trial court abused its discretion by denying former wife's motion for attorney's fees without making any findings as to former wife's need and former husband's ability to pay -- Even if trial court had intended to sanction former wife for her actions during litigation by making her pay her own fees, as argued by former husband, the fee order must contain sufficient findings to support the trial court's decision -- Where there was no finding by trial court of bad faith on former wife's part, there was no basis on which the court could have denied former wife's motion for attorney's fees on basis of inequitable conduct doctrine. JULIE SHAW, Appellant, v. ROBERT MARK SHAW, Appellee. 1st District.

Dissolution of marriage -- Contempt -- Settlement agreement -- Modification -- No error in holding former husband in contempt for failing to deliver child's passport as required by parties' mediated settlement agreement and parenting plan where findings were supported by competent, substantial evidence that former husband willfully refused former wife's reasonable request for passport -- Purge provision which requires former husband “to comply with former wife's prospective written requests for the child's passport” did not modify agreement's provision that request be reasonable. THOMAS EARL HARRINGTON, III, Appellant, v. JEANETTE MARIE POSPISHIL, f/k/a JEANETTE MARIE HARRINGTON, Appellee. 4th District.

Dissolution of marriage -- Equitable distribution -- Marital/non-marital assets -- Home owned prior to marriage was properly considered a marital asset where debt incurred during marriage as result of advances from equity lines of credit secured by home used to fund family business dwarfed estimated premarital value, and marital income was used to satisfy repayment of the obligations -- Unequal distribution based on intentional misconduct of husband in secreting and dissipating assets, all purportedly in preparation for future dissolution filing, was supported by competent, substantial evidence, and valuations of marital property were grounded upon expert opinion -- Alimony -- Given evidence regarding length of marriage, needs of wife, and disparity in income and earning ability, along with lavish marital lifestyle, there was no abuse of discretion in retroactive and ongoing alimony awards. CELSO CORRALES, Appellant, v. JEANETTE CORRALES, Appellee. 3rd District.


Dissolution of marriage -- Jurisdiction -- Default -- Out of state service of process on husband was valid to confer jurisdiction on court although return did not list time of day that service was effected -- Amended statute removes requirement that out of state return of service forms include the time, manner, and place of service -- Trial court did not err in entering default judgment dissolving marriage, but it was error to determine child custody by default -- Best interest of child standard precludes determination of child custody based on parent's default. KEVIN CHRISTOPHER CORRIDON, Appellant, v. GRACE-ELIZABETH CAROLYN CORRIDON, Appellee. 3rd District.

Dissolution of marriage -- Marital home -- Sale -- Distribution of proceeds -- Prejudgment interest -- Trial court's factual determinations relating to distribution of sale proceeds, which took into consideration former husband's mortgage, insurance, and tax payments that former wife was required to make, were supported by competent substantial evidence -- Former wife was afforded due process -- Court lacks jurisdiction to address portion of order determining that former husband is entitled to attorney's fees where order merely grants entitlement to fees without liquidating the amount -- Trial court erred by awarding prejudgment interest to former husband for the total amount of his mortgage, insurance, and tax payments -- Prejudgment interest should be calculated separately for each payment made by former husband that, pursuant to settlement agreement, should have been made by former wife. DULCE SCHUENZEL, Appellant, v. JOHN SCHUENZEL, Appellee. 3rd District.

Insurance -- Bad faith -- Denial of coverage -- Failure to defend -- Assignment of claim -- Limitation of actions -- Action brought against insurance company after plaintiff and insured entered into Coblentz settlement, assigning plaintiff the right to collect judgment against insurer -- Error to enter summary judgment in favor of insurer based on finding that plaintiff's action was barred by statute of limitations because insured, whose claim plaintiff asserted, was required to file action against insurer within five years of denial of coverage -- Statute of limitations began to run not at time insurer refused to cover or defend insured, but at time plaintiff's bad faith claim became cognizable. LARRY D. BUTLER, Appellant, v. FLORIDA PENINSULA INSURANCE COMPANY, Appellee. 4th District.

Insurance -- Homeowners -- Conditions precedent -- Failure to comply -- Waiver -- Insurer waived its defense that insured failed to comply with conditions precedent where insurer failed to plead non-compliance with specificity as required by rule 1.120(c). JUAN SAAVEDRA, Appellant, v. UNIVERSAL PROPERTY & CASUALTY INSURANCE COMPANY, Appellee. 5th District.

Insurance -- Homeowners -- Water damage -- Error to enter summary judgment in favor of insurer where disputed issues of material fact remain as to whether covered peril caused opening in door of home, allowing rain water to enter and damage interior. YOANI FERNANDEZ and YADIRA SOMOZA, Appellants, v. CITIZENS PROPERTY INSURANCE CORPORATION, Appellee. 3rd District.

Paternity -- Contempt -- Failure to pay attorney's fee award -- Remand for trial court to make required findings as to whether failure to pay was willful and whether he has the present ability to pay fees as ordered. JAMES LESTER WILLIAMS, JR., Appellant, v. JAMAI F. SAMUELS, Appellee. 2nd District.

Torts -- Personal injury -- Dismissal -- Fraud on the court -- Trial court abused discretion by setting aside jury verdict in plaintiff's favor and dismissing case based on plaintiff's giving of inconsistent testimony regarding prior medical treatment -- Inconsistent testimony was known to defense counsel and was tested via cross-examination so that jury was able to determine whether plaintiff had lied or provided a reasonable explanation -- Defense counsel could have sought pretrial or in-trial remedy, but made tactical decision to present issue to jury, and jury returned verdict in favor of plaintiff despite inconsistencies. JEAN CARLOS SALAZAR, Appellant, v. MIGUEL ROGELIO GOMEZ, Appellee. 3rd District.


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